Center Stage Theatre is excited to offer our first Vocal Competition to recognize and support young talent and to give participants the opportunity to hone performance skills in a supportive but competitive environment. In addition to shows and concerts, our industry uses competitions to recognize talent and support the performing arts.  Many offer prizes and scholarship money to the artist. In addition, competitions are a valuable resume item indicative of exceptional craft and artistry. Many colleges and performing arts venues give consideration to competition winners and finalists. 


Categories: Teen and Young Adult

Levels:  Preliminary, Semifinal and Final – ALL VIRTUAL SUBMISSIONS. If you are chosen to move on to the next level, you will be informed via email and your name will be listed on the website.  You will then be given instructions for registration.  Singers who reach the final level will receive written feedback from industry professionals.


Helpful hints:

  • Plan your 3 songs in advance as no songs should be repeated if you move on to the next level.  You may record a song or submit a previously recorded live performance, but submissions should be recorded within the last 18 months. 

  • Research and select songs with dramatic appeal that are appropriate for your age, voice type and level of development.  Your voice teacher, vocal coach or music/theater teacher can help you make the best selection.

  • When you make your competition videos, please make sure that the lighting and sound quality is good. We not only want to hear you, but we want to see your expression and dramatic interpretation. Choose songs from musical theatre repertoire between 2-6 minutes in length. Upload your recording as an unlisted Youtube video with your name clearly mentioned on the listing. 


Concert:  Top finalists in each category will be invited to perform at a live concert at Center Stage Theatre in Shelton. We will announce placements and award scholarships.


We hope you celebrate this opportunity to learn, grow and let your light shine!