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Director: Justin Zenchuk 

Choreographer: Rob Merante 

Musical Director: Fiona Bryson

Footloose Callbacks:

Thursday, May 26th 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Dancing Callback - 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Singing Callback - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Thank you to all who auditioned! If you aren't listed below that doesn't mean you weren't cast.  Check back for final cast list.

Dancing Callback

Those who have received a dance callback please check your email for a video to learn additional choreography for Thursday. 

Ashley Carpp, Ben Souza, Cora Welsh, Epifany Meeks, Hailey McKeon, Hunter Smith, Jaxon Beirne, Julia Murphy, Julie Hoff, Kate McPadden, Kayna Banez, Kelly Terifay, Kristina Bratz, Lila Kieley, Lily Banks, Macie Cox, Maddie Gugliotti, Matthew Sullivan, Melani Piacentini, Melanie Byron, Mia Carey, Muriel Bailey, Olivia Jansen, Sammie Davidson, Sandra Fernandes, Sebastian Cordero, Shay Marie Neary, Zachary Haywood, Zachary Simonetti, Zola Kneeland


Singing Callback

Ren - Jaxon Beirne, Zachary Haywood, Zachary Simonetti

Ariel - Ashley Carpp, Zola Kneeland, Shay Marie Neary


Willard - Ben Souza, Hunter Smith, Matthew Sullivan


Rusty - Ashley Carpp, Kate McPadden, Melanie Byron


Shaw - Matthew Sullivan, Sebastian Cordero


Wendy Jo / Urleen - Cora Welsh, Kelly Terifay, Lila Kieley, Macie Cox, Mia Carey, Olivia Jansen, Zola Kneeland


Chuck - Jaxon Beirne, Hunter Smith, Zachary Haywood, Zachary Simonetti


Vi/Ethel - Melanie Byron, Sammie Davidson, Sandra Fernandes, Shay Marie Neary


Callback Song Cuts

  • Ren - Can’t Stand Still 1-08-end; Almost Paradise 2:10-end (w/ Ariel)

  • Ariel - Hero 2:00-end; Paradise 2:10-end (w/ Ren); Learning to Be Silent 1:40-end (w/ Vi’s & Ethel's *)

  • Willard - Mama Says 1:10-2:15

  • Rusty - Let’s Hear It For the Boy 1:37-2:37; Somebody’s Eyes 3:25-end (w/ Wendy Jo’s/Urleen’s)

  • Shaw - Heaven Help Me 0:40-end

  • Wendy Jo / Urleen - Somebody’s Eyes 3:25-end (w/ Rusty)

  • Chuck - The Girl Gets Around 0:20-1:17

  • Vi/Ethel - Find It In Your Heart (1:28-end), Learning to Be Silent 1:40-end (w/ Ariel*)

  • All Boys called back - Mama Says 2:15-3:00 

*Trio version not on soundtrack

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