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Get Involved!

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Looking for a way to get involved with Center Stage Theatre? We are always looking for volunteers! How can you volunteer, you may ask. Well, here at Center Stage we are always looking for volunteers for our production staff!



We are always looking for painters, builders, and set decorators. New sets for our upcoming productions are almost always being built and worked on. All skill levels are welcome, whether you build houses for a living, or you can simply hold a nail while someone hammers!



Interested in sewing or costuming? Help out in our costume shop, whether you can sew and do alterations, pull costumes, help organize, or assist in all the other areas!



Join our props crew for a show! Assist in either the creation or search for props that will be used in the show!



Are you a neat freak or a gifted organizer? We are always looking for help in organizing our space and making it as efficient as possible!



Volunteer at a show and help us seat the audience at a performance. You can also assist behind the counter during a performance!


No matter what your specialty is, it can be used down at Center Stage, so don't be afraid to come down and see us, or, if you're interested, click the above link or send us an email!

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